We offer substance over form and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver real results. Working closely with our clients, we use a range of tools and strategies to meet their objectives. Our integrated approach means we can provide our clients with a complete 360 degree solution.

Step 1: Identifying Client Requirements –

In this initial interactive stage, project requirements and strategic objectives are developed and refined. This stage involves the generation of the overall Event Project Plan that outlines in detail all event deliverables, delivery models and expectations. A timeline schedule is developed for all the tasks and the deadlines defined.

Step 2: Design -

During this phase, emphasis is upon the creatives & design process to establish blueprints for necessary locations (venue), display exhibits, presentations & interactive sessions, media & delegate kits, invites, branding and deliverables for a successful event.

Step 3: Production –

It is during this phase that the actual construction of all "deliverables" takes place. For instance; set construction, backdrop, gate, flex printing, wooden & iron frames, rentals booked, transportation arranged, entertainment booked, agendas manufactured, Felicitation materials arrangement, Participant Kits arrangement etc.

Step 4: Implementation –

The Event Team and contractors are on-site to bring all elements together for a successful event. Load-in, set-up, rehearsals, and adjustments are made to completely satisfy client requirements. This is where our experience and attention to detail come together to deliver a flawless project.

Step 5: Event Closeout Report -

This is the last phase of the project, wherein the report and debrief presentation on the Event is presented. This session gives a brief overview on the project, objective analysis, participants profile, photographs, video recordings, post event tours and lessons learned for future events.