Some acclaimed Television productions:

a) 1 No. of Documentary film of 10 minutes on the history of the Assam Valley Literary Award for its silver jubilee award for Williamson Magor Education Trust in 2015
b) 1 No. of Documentary of 25 Minutes on 4 diiboAnchalSamity, Arunachal Pradesh for Ministry Of Panchayati Raj, Govt. of India in 2014
c) 1 No. of Production of TV Promo of 60 sec. for National Youth Festival, Assam in 2015
d) 1 No. of Corporate Film on Federation of Industry & Commerce of North Eastern Region (FINER) of 10 Minutes in 2014
e) 1 Nos. of Production of TV spot of 30 sec. duration for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Dept., Guwahati in 2014
f) 1 Nos. of Documentary of 25 minutes & 2 Nos. of Production of TV spot of 60 sec., 120 sec each for National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) in 2013
g) 5 nos. of 60 sec. promos on environmental pollution for Pollution Control Board, Assam in 2013.
h) 8 Nos. of Publicity and Developmental Films for Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt of Assam on eight different facets of the Dept. in 2013.
i) 2 Nos. of Production of TV spot and Radio spot of 40 sec. duration for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Dept., Guwahati in 2013.
j) 1 No. of CSR Film on Disability Employment Initiative for State Bank of India in 2013.
k) Television promos, documentary and Radio Jingles for Assam Live Stock Development Agency in 2012
l) Television promos for Assam State Disaster Management Authority in 2011
m) 13 episode News Magazine “North East Round Up” in 2007-08 for DD1 on the National Network.
n) “Skholon” a 5 episode fiction for DDK, Guwahati in 2008.
o) “Jugantar” a 5 episode fiction for PPC (NER) in 2008.
p) “Nirbashita Golap” a 13 episode fiction for DDK, Guwahati in 2003.
q) “North East Prism” a four episode series for PPC (NER) in 2003.
r) “Seuji Dharar Oom Bisari” on wild life conservation, a seven episode serial for DDK, Guwahati in 2003.
s) 13 episodes News Magazine Programme “North East Note Book” in 2003 for DD1 on the National Network.
t) “Anya Ek Adhyay”, a two episode tele serial on terrorism for DDK, Guwahati.
u) Commissioned documentaries on Karbis of Assam, Tai Phakes of Assam, Eco Tourism and Tea Tourism in 2001-02 for PPC (NER).
v) Produced a 13 episode News Magazine Programme “North East News Week” in 1999 which was telecast by DD1 on the National Network.
w) 4 episodes docu-feature on Immigration Problem in Assam titled “The Silent Invasion” in 1998-99 on DD1.
x) Two commissioned documentary for PPC (NER) on the Konyak Tribe of Nagaland and the ThadouKuki of Manipur in 1997-98.
y) 6 episodes series on Art & Culture of the North Eastern Region commissioned by DD1 in 1997.
z) Promotional film on Tea Tourism Festival of Assam was produced and telecast by Doordarshan National Channel in February 1996.
aa) A film on environmental issues “Clean up India” which was aired by PPC (NER) and Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati in 1997.
bb) Produced number of corporate films for Indian Tea Association, Williamson Magor Group of Companies, and other public sector companies during 1991-98.
cc) Collaboration with Lou Reda Production, Pennsylvania, USA to produce a historical Documentary of General Stillwell who was posted in Assam as Allied Army Commander during World War II, as part of War Chronicles Series aired world over by the Discovery Channel.
dd) Teamed up with Dr. Michael Toibas for “India 24 hours” for covering North Eastern Region in 1995 which was telecast by DD1.
ee) Promotional film on Indian Tea “Discovery” directed by Late MukulAnand targeting overseas audience produced on behalf of Consultative Committee for Plantation Associations of India in 1993.
ff) “Mor Prithivi Ghurai Diya” a 35 minutes Docu-feature specially produced by the Govt. of Assam highlighting the human rights abuse by the terrorist groups in Assam aired simultaneously by DoordarshanKendras of Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Silchar in 1993.