1. Equipment Hire
2. Crew Hire
3. Production Services
4. Post Production
5. Audio Mixing and Recording

1. Equipment Hire:

With the highest standards and a diverse range of Production gear, Macons People Pvt. Ltd. has the capacity to offer equipment rental services on any scale, from a camera kit in any format to a complete television production unit.

Cameras -
Sony HVR-S270 U (HDV / DVCAM /DV)
Sony D50 (Beta SP) with 1P Dockable DVCAM recorders

Sony ECM-77BC lapel microphone
Sony ECM 673 Short Shotgun Electret Condenser Microphone

Sennheiser mics - ME 66, MKH 416, 500 series
Shure FP 33 field mixers
Sound Device 552 Portable Audio Mixer
Sound Device 702 Portable Digital Audio Recorder
Sound device 302 field audio mixer

Sony PVW-2800 Beta Recorder
Sony PVW-2600 Beta Player
Sony DSR-45P DV/DVCAM Recorder
Sony DSR-11 DV/DVCAM Recorder

Accessories -
Sony PVM 14 L1 / L2 Broadcast Monitors
Wide angle adaptors

We also liaise with production houses in Mumbai / Chennai for any special equipment requirements that you do not find listed here.

2. Crew Hire:

Our motivated, creative and experienced crewmembers are skilled in range of broadcast formats including High Definitin (HD) and are chosen for their expertise, reliability and personal qualities to be able to work together in a team. Our in-house crew to assist you in your filming requirements anywhere in the Northeastern Region of India includes:

• Cameraman,
• Sound Recordists,
• Producers,
• Production Coordinators and
• Camera Assistants

Our crew has vast production experience working in the most challenging conditions and in wide range of genres like Documentaries, News Magazines, Television Promos, Corporate Shoots, TV Commercials, Multi Cam set ups and Events.

3. Production Services:

Macons People Private Limited’s production wing offers line production, coordination and management facilities to local and international Producers. To shoot in the Northeast is always a challenge due to the difficult terrain and environment but our production services and planning ensures a hassle free experience.

We can be your production counterpart or simply cater to your individual needs by offering our equipments or crew on hire.

We specialize in liaison with Government departments and ministries to secure filming permissions, inner line permits etc.

4. Post Production:

We have 3 fully equipped and professionally designed edit suites for all uncompressed standard or high definition requirements. If you wish to edit on your own, we also rent out our post-production suites without editor.

Edit Software :

• Final Cut Pro Studio 2 on Apple Mac Pro Dual / Quad processor machines with Decklink Extreme video capture cards and Atto based SCSI media raid.

As a multi-genre post-production house we offer our clients a creative staff with a versatile background in documentaries, news magazines, television promos, corporate shoots, TV commercials, multi cam set ups, events and dramas.

Our in-house Graphic Designers cater to all 2D and 3D graphic requirements, be it for incorporating into video or for print applications. Our Graphics team can produce creatives for publicity material ranging from Posters, fliers, DVD/CD Covers, media kits for press conferences as well as incorporate graphics cards, Credit Roll, animations etc into video. We have dual processor graphic workstations to cater to all graphic requirements.

5. Audio Mixing, Recording & Dubbing:

Yamaha 01V 96 mixer
Spirit FX8 (with Lexicon Processor)
M-Audio Firewire AS10-1814 souncard
AKG 3004c Condencer Mic
Electrovoice RE 20 Dynamic Mic