PR & Advertising

Public relations and marketing usually go hand-in-hand. One strengthens the other, making them both more effective and beneficial to brand building. At Macons, we carefully balance influencer management with creative narrative to improve brand reputation. Since we are deeply rooted in creating exceptional events, video content and marketing solutions, getting involved with your company public relations is a natural progression as we can leverage our expertise to create a favorable image for your organisation.

What we do -

  • Media relationship-building
  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Speech writing
  • Write pitches (less formal than press releases) about a firm and send them directly to journalists
  • Create and execute special events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Conduct market research on the firm or the firm's messaging
  • Expansion of business contacts via personal networking or attendance and sponsoring at events
  • Copy writing and blogging for the web (internal or external sites)
  • Crisis public relations strategies